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The Big Sweep FAQs

The Big Sweep FAQs answer all our clients’ common questions.

It is important that your chimney sweep is a member of a professional trade association. As a member of NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps), you can rely on The Big Sweep to provide safe and effective chimney sweeping.

You need to get your chimney swept to prevent soot, creosote and tar build-up. Having your chimney swept will also help to avoid potential hazards, including chimney fires and Carbon Monoxide emissions. Please check your insurance company’s requirements for time of year and frequency of sweeping.

The frequency your chimney needs to be swept depends on the appliance/fireplace:

Gas appliance – annually if it is designed for sweeping

Oil – annually

Smokeless fuels: at least once a year

Bituminous coal – at least twice a year

Wood – quarterly

Even if you do not use your gas appliance or fireplace that often, we always suggest getting it swept annually. Sweeping is the only method that will ensure your chimney is safe, and we can’t always tell if there are blockages until we perform our service. Furthermore, some insurance companies demand regular chimney sweeping. Therefore, abstaining from getting your chimney checked could result in insurance invalidation and hefty repair costs.

We recommend having your chimney swept during the spring or summer seasons. Having your chimney swept at this time will disrupt your lifestyle less, with fireplaces being used less in these seasons. Additionally, the clean and assessment is easier to perform in a dryer season.

The cost of your chimney service depends on a range of factors, including the service complexity. Nevertheless, we always aim to make our services as affordable as possible. For a free quotation, get in touch with us today.

Prices start at £40 for a sweep.

In preparation for your sweep, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Cover soft furnishings
  • Remove unused fuel
  • Ensure children and pets are kept away from the area
  • Clear all precious items from the hearth, mantel and room
  • Ensure that there is adequate working space around the chimney and walkway
  • Let the fire go out the previous night to ensure the chimney and fireplace have cooled
  • Lay newspaper on the floor from the door to the fireplace for the sweeps to walk across.

We completely seal off the fireplace as we remove soot and debris from appliances and fireplaces, to create as little mess as possible. While certain complications including nests can mean that some mess is inevitable, we can usually clean your chimney without disturbing your home.

A chimney sweep appointment can last around an hour. However, depending on the complexity of the sweep, this could take longer.

Yes. Any household that uses gas or fuel appliances must have a smoke and audio Carbon Monoxide alarm, in case of a leak or Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

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